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The Brown Peterson Family Connection

I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and attended San
Diego City Schools.  After World War 2, I volunteered for the Army
and spent three years in the United States Army.  
Returned to San Diego, and went to work for the U.S. Postal Service.  I
After 36 years with the postal service. After retirement I was asked by.
Annjennette  McFarlin to help with our first reunion in
San Diego.

After meeting so many members in my family with various surnames, it
peaked my interest to find out more about my family.

This was the beginning of my family recerch journey in 1996. I found
out that Sylvester Andrews had written A family book on the Brown's.
After one of our family reunions in Panama City Florida, I was told
about another book called the Jackson Riley Memory Book.

I was also told that I could get a copy of this book from Glenda
Jackson Burke. After receiving this book, I was able to see how
our families are connected.
If there are other family branches that have a family memory
book for sale, please let me know.
Some family members have put together their own branches of
their family tree, and have them on the Internet. I will be putting
a link on this web page, but you have to get their permission to go
into their web link.
Gaylord  Brown And

The Family Of
elma   Wathins